Information to help you plan, plant, and keep up your landscape.


Lawn Care and Quality Lawn and Landscaping

Making your lawn healthy and green is a process that is addressed over the course of the year.

Spring applications of seed and controlled fertilization, make the lawn strong. This also helps to suppress weeds.

Fall can require aeration or de-thatching. It is all dependent on the state of your lawn today. Of course we also provide the weekly mowing and maintenance that the lawn needs.

Quality Lawn and Landscaping has been taking care of the Elmhurst area lawns for over 20 years. Look around. Our work is all over town!

Basic options are as follows:

Weekly Care

• Mow

• Edge as required

• Trim as required


• 3-5 applications

• Professional turf builder

• Weed and pest control

• De-thatching

• Core aeration

• Spring clean-up

• Weed prevention

• Fall clean-up

• Fertilize




Feature Plant:

"Marshall's Delight" Beebalm

Monarda, or Beebalm, is a wonderful mid-summer plant that likes sun but can take some shade. This cultivar, as others, is based on the Illinois native Monarda, which has a place in our prairies. Accordingly, it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. It is also an ornamental herb, based in the mint family. 18-24".

Monarda didyma

"Marshall's Delight"

Monarda beebalm




Native Plants in your landscape

Native plants will draw many
butterflies to your garden. Here is
a female Black Swallowtail.

Why use native plants?

Natives are the plants that were here before the prairie and other areas were farmed. One of the best reasons to use native plants, is that they are highly adapted to our sometimes harsh climate. Their roots are usually 3 to 5 times the height of the plant. Once established, a period of drought in August won't bother them a bit. They are very hardy and thus require no pesticides.

There are plants for every garden situation. Full sun, part shade and full shade. It all depends on the areas that they are naturally found in the wild.

Sometimes identified with imported Eur-asian plants that have become nuisance plants, many natives are actually quite rare and are not aggressive spreaders.

Try some in your landscape!

swamp milk plantbutterfly plantjacobs ladder plant


Quality Lawn and Landscaping guarantees all plants installed by us for one year after planting. We will replace plants as required.


Remember to schedual your spring clean-up and paver cleaning.

• Spring clean-up
• Weed prevention

• Fall clean-up
• Fertilize

• Paver cleaning
• Paver sealing