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Other people living outside!

1. Lawndale Residence: Homeowners desired a formal landscape entrance to compliment their colonial home. A two tiered paver entry was installed with boxwoods, roses and vinca periwinkle.


2. Prairie Avenue Residence: Play space and native plants were the priorities. A patio space was added and native midwest trees, shrubs and plants were added for color and easy maintenance. Butterfly garden.


3. Fair Avenue Residence: Needing a great landscape for older kids to play and adults to enjoy, homeowners removed previous landscaping, created new spaces, and more closely tied garden to house.


4. Fairfield Residence: This new home needed a landscape update to match its great style. In addition, screening and new garden bed designs were required to complement a pool area.


5. Elm Street Residence: A hand-built garden swing was a source of delight and pride for the homeowner and was the inspiration to the design of the intimate and functional landscape.


6. Jackson Avenue Residence: After a large renovation, homeowners wanted the landscaping to complement their beautifully finished home. Grasses and many plants native to the midwest were used for both easy maintenance and long lasting color.


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