Plan your outside


To create a great outdoor space, you need a great plan. It can be simple or more complex, depending on what you would like. To change an exhisting area may require only a verbal consultation, while projects on a larger scale may call for a landscape designer or architect. Following are the basic steps.


A landscape designer will meet with you and discuss your landscape needs in broad strokes. Should there be large play areas? Do you like to entertain outdoors? Grill frequently? Garden (or not)?


After this discussion, the designer will go to work, and later present you with a number of preliminary layouts. preliminary plan layoutThese are various ways that the landscape design could be implemented. Your preferences here are very important. After this, the designer will move forward to create the final plan.


Your landscape final plan is complete. It will show trees, shrubs and plants that will do best in your landscape. Plant colors and bloom times will also be explained. It will likely include areas for hardscapes; patios, pathways, fireplaces and any color plan

The plan can be installed at once, or in stages. It is often recommended that trees and bedding shapes be installed first to get trees growing as soon as possible. From there we work with you, at your pace, to bring it all together, and make living outside a great experience for years into the future.


Choose what's important to you.

images of garden enjoyment