Plant and build it



We start with planting beds, shrubs and trees.

Following the landscape plan, we begin by laying out the planting beds for perennials, annuals and shrubs.

purple coneflowerdaisychive

Perennial plants Purple Coneflower, Daisy variety, and Ornamental Chive. Click photo link for more information
on these plants.

Trees are installed at this time as well. If you're planting in phases, it's a good idea to plant trees early in the process, giving them time to set in their roots systems and begin to grow.

Quality Lawn and Landscaping is experienced in getting the healthiest and strongest plants for our growing area, and stand by their successs. We've been planting in the western suburbs for over 20 years.

plant tree

Professional installation of trees and shrubs insures a high degree of success.




A young White Oak in brilliant fall foliage. This oak is the State Tree of Illinois.

Of course all of the new plants, shrubs, and trees need time to establish. Quality Lawn and Landscaping can install throughout the growing season. Some planting periods will require more frequent watering.


The Hardscapes

These are the areas of your landscape that require installation of stone, gravel, or congrete. Patio areas, grilling kitchens, shade pergolas. They all require careful and expert knowledge to install correctly and in a way that will withstand the great fluxuations of our midwestern weather.

paver patio

An outdoor area created with a combination of paver and stone.



We offer many beautiful ways to complement your home. Find out about your almost limitless options.


Lighting and the Landscape

Outdoor lighting can make a big impact on the appearance of your home. We can advise you on the best options for your landscape. We take time to consider lighting at the beginning of the design process, so that it becomes fully integrated into the landscape and strongly complements the entire home.

lit house


A pergola can provide filtered shade.

Garden Structures

Stuctures such as pergolas, gazebos are often part of a well conceived plan. They add enclosure, shade and protection to living areas. They also create a strong vertical backdrop to the garden, providing many opportunities to highlight plants and shrubs.